Rooted Development: Rooted in Expertise Rooted Development is involved in the acquisition, management and development of large scale, master planned real estate projects in the Texas market. We have the vision and expertise to take raw land and turn it into a community for families, managing the best use of land, the final design, and finally the construction, delivering the project within budget and on time. Rooted Development Management has decades of experience and expertise in Project Management, Land Planning, Builder Relations, Project Controls, Project Finance and Accounting, and Marketing.

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Rooted Development is involved in the development of real estate projects throughout Texas, focusing on the greater Houston area. We apply our 40+ years of experience in developing single-family residential communities, including some of Houston’s most successful master planned communities. We utilize our varied experience in real estate, engineering, and urban planning to each project to insure successful results. We pride ourselves on our relationships with homebuilders, engineering, environmental and geotechnical consultants, attorneys, and landowners to build a well-respected reputation as premier developers.

Our services vary to meet the needs of our clients’ needs, but also the project. These services include land acquisition, land entitlement (including MUD creation and/or annexation, city permitting and planning coordination), land management and master planning, project management and fee development. Rooted Development is poised to assist landowners, investors, and builders in identifying and acquiring land, feasibility analysis and best use, due diligence management, project coordination and development of infrastructure and finished lots, budget and schedule management and MUD reimbursement coordination. 

Definition of Rooted In 

: formed, made, or developed by using (something) as a basis


Rooted Development is

Rooted in Relationships

Rooted in Opportunity

Rooted in Optimization

Rooted in Teamwork

Rooted in Expertise

Rooted in Design

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Rooted in Relationships

We believe good business starts with good relationships, and we are so excited to collaborate with you on your next project.  Give us a call and let's have lunch!

Featured Projects

  • Due Diligence

    As part of the due diligence process, Rooted Development will assist with all aspects of the Due Diligence process, including but not limited to:

    • Land Acquisition
    • Real Estate Attorney Coordination
    • Professional Services Coordination (MUD Attorneys, Engineers, Land Planners, Landscape Architects Financial Advisors, Geotechnical, Environmental, Property Tax Consultant)
    • Coordination with Local Government
    • HOA/POA Creation
    • Project Insurance Requirements
    • Homebuilding
  • Land Development Management

    Rooted Development has experience in several types of development projects, with emphasis on larger scale Master Plan Communities (MPC’s) in Texas, and specifically in the Houston Area.  Rooted Development wants to ensure that we are able to help our clients obtain the information and support they need to make a decision on the type and specific projects they would like to move forward with.

    Rooted Development will create a dedicated team to manage and develop all identified developments. We will manage all aspects of the project from acquisition, planning, accounting/finance management, development and sales to homebuilders and commercial interests.  Rooted Development will leverage its extensive knowledge of the land development market throughout Texas to ensure a successful, long-term investment for your firm.

Rooted in Community

We have a wide variety of past and current projects, and regardless of location or size, each one rooted with a sense of community. We would love to help you with your next project!

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